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How to use this site

To the Investor, Broker, Nomad, Researcher or similar.

This site has been constructed to allow you to quickly and easily find information about AIM quoted companies.

Searching the Site

Specific Search

If you already know the Company name or Epic you simply go to the homepage, type it into ‘Search’ and you will find the company you are looking for.

Broader search

If your search is to be broader e.g. you wish to find all companies in the North West in Building, then use the ADVANCED SEARCH, this will allow you to further search by Region, Country, Sector and any combination to cross reference the three. The results will show all companies that match your criteria.

You will also notice that on the advanced search there is the facility to search by NOMAD, this facility is more geared to financial individuals and results will display all companies represented by a certain NOMAD (Nominated Advisor),

We offer three levels of information for each company, the information displayed will very much depend on what that company is willing to post on this site. All information you find is free for you to view.

When viewing information, be aware certain subjects will be subject to third party terms and conditions i.e. broker notes; please ensure you consult a financial advisor before making any decision to invest in a company.

The details of each level available are as follows:

Market Information

We also provide information about the AIM market itself. We have taken the complexities of the market and simplified it. We explain how the market works and how to invest as well as the tax advantages of investment in AIM companies.


You will see on the home page the latest three news items from our news archive. We receive daily market news from our associates and market sources which we post to keep you up to date with what is going on. This news is posted at 9am every day however we are continually reviewing our posting policy to accommodate for the volume of news at any one time. All our news is from reputable sources and is generally FSA regulated at source, we do not post unsolicited news from random sources that may try to bias market opinion about a company or subject.

To the AIM Quoted Company

This site has been constructed around your AIM companies. We list every active company quoted on the AIM market. Each company is listed at a basic level as standard. The amount of information a company wants to make available to investors is dependant on the level the company signs up to – details of theses levels and the costs associated can be found here. Every company has the option of the same levels of service – no company gets preferential listing. A typical example of how company details are displayed at level 3 listing is available here.

Flotation Advice

Flotation even to the most experienced CEO can be a confusing process if it is an area that is previously un-chartered, i.e. NOMAD & Broker – who does what, do they do the same thing?

Through our Flotation section we have brought together advice from all quarters to explain the stages of flotation. We explain the whole process, from the lead-up (which can be as much as 2 years) to the actual flotation and through to post float marketing. On our Resources pages you will find the sources that supply us with advice should you need more in-depth information.


In our Resources section you will also find details of our newsdesk.

At we value all news about AIM companies and the AIM market. If you have an important item or story about your company that is of interest to investors, Nomads, brokers etc then it can be sent to our newsdesk – for more details click here.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestion regarding, please contact us here.