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The Aim Market

AIM is the international market for growing companies trading on the London Stock Exchange.
Businesses you will find range from new venture capital-backed companies to well-established, mature organisations looking to expand into a wider market.

Created in 1995 by the London Stock Exchange principally to offer a diverse range of smaller companies the opportunity to sensibly raise capital in a regulated market, hence AIM has developed into a highly flexible public market easily accessible to both investor and company. Subsequently over £30bn has now been raised through AIM via IPOs and capital raising and many companies listed on AIM have made the transition to the Main Market.

Who is on the market?

AIM companies come from 37 sectors, 90 sub-sectors and 26 countries. It has over 250 companies from outside the United Kingdom, with many more joining every year, which speaks volumes for the viability of the AIM market as a place for younger international companies wishing to fund expansion and raise their global profile.

Genuine investor interest

AIM, and the companies on it, benefit from a high public profile and strong interest among a growing and increasingly sophisticated investor base. Investors ranging from private individuals to global institutions regard AIM as an excellent place to find investment opportunities in young, fresh, entrepreneurial and growth-orientated businesses from all over the world - in short, the 'companies of the future'.


AIM is an Exchange Regulated Market and enjoys a reputation for effective regulation: it offers a secure yet flexible trading environment for both companies and investors.

Trading & Investing

Investors who buy shares in companies quoted on AIM are participating in the world's leading stock market for smaller growing companies. AIM companies come from 26 countries and range across 37 market sectors and 90 sub-sectors, providing all types of investors with a vast range of choice in seeking out businesses to fit theirinvestment profile.

State of the art technology

AIM is wholly-owned and run by the London Stock Exchange whoses trading platforms are the most sophisticated in the world.


AIM has three investment indices - the FTSE AIM UK50, FTSE AIM100 and the FTSE AIM All-Share Supersector Indices.


AIM enjoys a more favourable tax status than other markets which in turn encourages investment by private individuals. More details can be found on our investors Tax page.

Security and safety

Every AIM company is supported, advised and monitored by its own Nominated Adviser (Nomad). Firms that wish to act as Nomads must undergo stringent checks before they can be authorised to become a London Stock Exchange-approved Nomad for AIM. These checks ensure the suitability both of Nomads and of the companies they assist to operate as part of AIM, bringing investors increased certainty and security.

AIM gives private and institutional investors alike the reassurance of a secure market that enables them both to support the companies on the market and those investing in them.